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الأربعاء، 12 سبتمبر 2012

De all the writings of historians and codes of travelers and visitors views.There is no, almost, from the books of the city of Sanaa without mention to the wall as one of the most important features of this city, which is said to be the oldest cities of the earth, and is told that Sam Son Noah is the one who built it. 
 If talking about Sanaa always associated Baractha and ability superstar to retain even now features the ancient past, and mated manifestations updated it with the legacy of past eras landmarks and effects, the Wall Sanaa is always one of these landmarks, standing witness to the tradition and football history booming The attributes of privacy and exclusivity in the cradle of human civilization first Yemen. 
Phenomenon of building walls around cities almost to be a general phenomenon in the history of the world and a citizen of ancient civilizations, as walls were built around cities and important centers as defensive barriers that protect them from invasions .. I have found the phenomenon in Yemen since the time of Mughal foot .. We talked ancient monuments that many of the important ancient Yemeni cities were surrounded by walls, such as Aden, Zabid and Saada and Marib.He notes that the construction of the walls of cities in Yemen linked to a large extent exposed flat cities, while cities taken based on the mountains and its mountain slopes high natural protector. 
Omar fence 
Different stories about the history of Wall Sanaa, but many of the references and studies relied on the words of the historian Yemeni Abu Mohammed al-Hassan Al-Hamdani (893 to 947 AD approximately) in his "crown" proportions in which to "hair Otter" briefing Sanaa wall is wall Sanaa. The same was confirmed by Razi (d. 1068 AD) in the book "History of the city of Sana'a." And hair Otter (or Haran Otter as he calls Razi) is the king of Spa Thi Raydan, who ruled Yemen large بقاعا of the late second century AD. 
In the opinion of another novel that the wall was built in the reign of a later and says that it was built by the Sultan Tgtekin bin Ayoub in the sixth century. 
And hard to Sana'a Wall was demolished and reconstruction and restoration for several times at different stages. If the old city of Sanaa - and we mean the civilian before extensions modern - completely surrounded by fence until the sixties of the twentieth century, the wall that said that hair Otter is built, was ruined several times and was among those who fix and moderated by stone and stucco King Asalhristi on bin Muhammad Ali in the century V AH. Perhaps this is what I'm called adjacent to say in his book (clairvoyant) This is the King who sur Sanaa.And rode on the wall of seven gates. 
Tells the Abu al-Hasan ibn on Alkhozrma in the book (the mosque cast) how ruined Sultan ibn Hatim al-Hamdani trail Sanaa in 570 AH and break Khanadgah and excised his exploits upon hearing the news of the arrival (Turan Shah Ayoubi) to Sanaa. And then re-Tgtin Ayoubi building the fence at the end of the same century. In 1036, after the devastation hit the wall again, Wali Mohammed Ali Pasha commissioned the best architects reforming Hqogah and Sduah and prevent it from falling and التهدم. And improve it. (D. Yusuf Mohamed Abdullah - corona magazine - the second and third verses, the second year - 1983 AD). 
Doors fence 
There in the wall of Sanaa, several doors lineage Hamdani "corona" Nine.But I'm prepared adjacent seven are: door Ghamdan, and the door of Damascus, and the door of beads, and the door trench top, and the door of the trench bottom, and the door of victory, and the door of the Bill. 
In a recent description says Judge Mohammed Holi they knew Sana'a four doors: Bab al-Yemen, and the door of the peoples, and the door of beads, and the door of the palace, also called Bab Stran. 
He knew other residents of Sanaa doors fence are: (Khuzaymah) and (Alhqarev) and (Albelkh) and (Roman) and (bottom), but Holi says that these doors updated and perhaps dating back to the second century or before. And adds some lived Sanaa when they were completely surrounded by a fence to doors mentioned (the door of a spark) and (door beads) which was demolished in 1966 AD. 
Bab al-Yemen is the main door of the doors and is now the most beautiful and mastered workmanship. And stands as one of the architectural masterpieces of Yemen. The main entrance to the market Sana'a, which is one of the oldest markets in the world, and is embodied in the present as vivid and unique piece of the past. Even the early sixties of the twentieth century all these doors were closing at sunset every evening is not allowed then to enter or leave the city. 
Description fence 
Wall Sanaa now a beautiful and amazing .. He high wall extends Mtloya around the ancient city of Sanaa .. Swells after each distance to form a circular castle or fortress. And his successor Chehg buildings ornate Old Sanaa palpation white and colored windows. 
Brown mud wall Sanaa or milk that has been processed in traditional ways known in Yemen make it resistant to rain and reservation existed for hundreds of years. But this wall began in التهدم after losing its value functional end Testament Imami, 1962, leaving the system commented doors and breadth of the Yemeni capital to become Sanaa, which was surrounded by fence, a small island amid extensions Urban vast surrounding the every side, but suffered neglect fence significant damage made remaining from sporadic small parts, by UNESCO to intervene in recent years to rebuild the wall. 
The description contained in the historical sources and tales of lived and saw the wall like a complete mythology in its charm and غرابتها .. He says an Italian traveler, visited Sanaa in the ninth century AH: The top of the fence was going eight horses society. And recorded doctor French Claudie فايان, who worked in Yemen in the fifties this century: "The city walls were rising to ten meters and topped by a circular. Walls of mud-intensive and high-embellished towers surrounded the city from all sides, doors locked at night. And the main door is a door Yemen and that it must enter foreign (...) That rule followed accurately interpret ancient myth .. it was to hold the door talisman, or veil of protection, if the enemy crossed or just another snake accidental. " 
He describes Dr. Ahmad Fakhri in his book (Yemen past and present), which was released in 1957, this fence and says that the height of not less than at any point eight meters. The thickness varies according to neighborhoods, Sometimes no more than two meters and sometimes no less than four meters. There are almost fifty meters a prominent part of it rounded out called Nubia. The sum of these small forts 128 bulwark. 
And speaking researcher Ali Hamoud al-Faqih to describe the fence and function defense says: "The fence dimensions consistent, Bruges (Karagonat) private, soldiers assigned to them guarding the country. These zodiac based on equal distances from the doors, where رمايات Krmayat catapult and special places for observers stands where guards day and night. them in the night a special system يتأكدون whereby the Tikzam and attention by shouting each other, and repeating certain phrases known them. and starts shouting usually guard near the Serail (Governor's Palace) فينادي بعبارته known Verddha in case guard station based at his side, and so forth to be repeating all the guards Balmkhafr this phrase and up role to guard Serail فينادي other words Verddha everyone. sometimes and an increase in care and in special circumstances using trumpets in Report military orders and to inform each other to some prayer time or time, to other important matters " (Journal of the corona Nos. second and third the second year - 1983 AD). 
And is the fence that surrounds the city of Sana'a there were walls inside divided into three main sections are the eastern section, and the middle section, which is called Bear Azab, and section which was comprised of city Jews of Yemen, which separates them from Bear Azab Wall earthy communicates with wall-General of the city, which was extended even last his five miles long surrounded the three neighborhoods. 
Renewal of the fence 
Included the International Organization for Education, Culture and Science Organization (UNESCO) city of Sanaa in 1980 under the World Heritage Convention. And decided to protect the monuments and sites that preserve and restore and revive them. And organized by the Yemeni authorities after a national campaign to improve international old city of Sanaa and the formation of a committee to preserve it and improve it. It began with (UNESCO) in the maintenance and restoration of the city.The wall of Sanaa, as one of the highlights of the ancient city, an ample share of attention within the renewal of the remaining parts of the fence by building a new wall of mud foundation stone adjacent to the old fence. And Alsoran old and new are now one of the most important tourist attractions that evoke visitors to Yemen and receive بإعجابهم. 
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